TODD SKYFIRE (toddskyfire) wrote in hot_robots,

Transformer movie review

Transformers the movie opens July 3rd..

I was able to see an early screener for the Transformers movie last night.

The movie was huge, loud and robot stomping fun. Your mouth is literally hanging open whenever the transformers are on the screen, that shit looks real, and the action scenes are action packed for sure.

The score wasn't great but it was good.

Shia does a good job as Sam and is funny.

Two transformers curse (thank god)

Not enough decepticon action, not enough decepticon dialog or character development.

Some of the human dialog was cheesy.

The camera is moving around too much to see what is going on sometimes, and I fell like i wanted to see a robot transform on the whole screen more (as in one shot), at once not in pieces or with camera flying around the robot.

overall it was an exciting movie.

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